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Our critical service during Covid 19 pandemic

At FireDoor Guardian we continue to inspect doors and undertake surveys.

The safe working practices we have in place include observing social distancing, monitoring the health of inspectors, wiping down the door ironmongery with NHS approved clinical sterilising wipes, the wearing of face masks and gloves.

Regular breaks are taken and all PPE is disposed of before entering a new area to avoid cross contamination.


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fire door auditing
    Meeting Sector Challenges

FireDoor Guardian addresses the following two central criticisms raised in the 2018 Independent Review of Building Regulations and Fire Safety,

led by Dame Judith Hackitt:-

  • The need for building owners and responsible persons under RRO 2005 to carry out regular fire risk assessments and act on the findings.

  • The need to have high levels of competence, with formal accreditation, of those engaged in the inspection of buildings, especially high-rise residential and complex buildings.


    Facilities Management

FireDoor Guardian was developed by experts to address the following challenges for the sector: -

  • Paper-based inspections can easily be mislaid and can result in costly transcription errors.

  • Electronic reports are generally not well integrated into clients' reporting work-flows

  • Need for instant access to data and reports  - anyhow, anywhere, anytime.

  • Conflicts of interest occur where companies that inspect fire doors also repair them, diminishing trust in their reporting.

  • The increased drives for efficiencies and pressures on available budgets.

Fire door inspections
Our Solutions
How we mitigate risk

FireDoor Guardian is

a dedicated UK wide service, providing you with complete reassurance that your fire

door inspection reports are completely accurate and trustworthy.

We deploy a smart, efficient

Inspecting & Reporting tool that adds value to your existing Facilities

Management resources.

Our dedicated teams of

highly skilled third-party

accredited fire door

inspectors have years of experience in the

Fire Life Safety sector.

The company drives

efficiencies through moving from paper-based processes to fully digital inspection regimes where every asset has its own audit trail.

Not only has this eliminated transcription errors, it saves time on site and back at the office, all leading to

substantial cost savings.

FireDoor Guardian don't

repair doors, so have no conflict of interest. Our job

is to serve you to be as efficient as possible, saving you time and money.


Our teams audit your existing fire doors and maintenance records and if requested, will make recommendations for improving and maintaining compliance with current legislation. 

We can provide you with a repair schedule

and a close out process, making your workflow seamless.

reports stored on blockchain
Our Technology
How we innovate

FireDoor Guardian uses leading edge cloud-based technology to provide immutable records, all delivered in real-time to a

dashboard on your device or desktop, giving you instant

access to your site reports.

Our Native App works when there's no WiFi nor mobile network. It syncs to the

servers when it reconnects, updating the database.

Every inspection report is geo-tagged, date and time stamped. Photos and video can be included as evidence of pass, failure or follow-up repair.

Our service offerings are GDPR compliant, meeting

regulatory requirements. They give you peace of mind by providing a secure

database where every report

is encrypted, written to a distributed ledger (The Blockchain) where it

can never be fraudulently altered at any later date.


We do this by using the latest blockchain technology that provides a transparent audit trail and is legally admissible.

FireDoor Guardian's

platform can be API'ed into your legacy

technology with minimum disruption.

Our functionality gives

you control of your RAG risk matrices. The RAG

scoring is easily viewed on

the dashboard, displaying

your estates, buildings

and assets.

The platform enables you to manage by exception, automating your repair parts ordering and work


Business portrait of a stylish and thoug


distributed ledger technology
What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is the database technology best known for underpining cryptocurrencies. It is also known as Distributed Ledger Technology.

Unlike a traditional databases, a blockchain is a distributed ledger where information is decentralised. Blockchains provide an immutable record of any transaction or information.

In our case, when a report is submitted it's instantly sent from the handheld device to the Blockchain which ensures that these reports cannot be tampered with.

If a revision is needed, as in the case of a proof of repair work done, a fresh fire door report is generated. This will be written to the blockchain and linked to all historical reports related to that specific fire door asset. Hence the 'chain of blocks' that provide a fully transparent audit trail of your reports. You can also set the conditional access of those authorised to view them.




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